lördag, 11 juli 2009, 17:36

What the heck is Electronic Mail? (1981)

Det här var e-post 1981.

”Electronic mail is a term that’s been bandied about data processing circles for years.
Simply put, it means high-speed information transportation.
One of the most advanced methods is terminals talking to one another.
Your mailbox is the terminal on the desk. Punch a key and today’s correspondence and messages are displayed instantly.
Need to notify people immediately of a fast-breaking development? Have your message delivered to their terminal mailboxes electronically, across the hall or around the world.
Electronic Mail is document distribution that’s more timely, accurate and flexible than traditional methods.
There’s no mountain of paperwork.
Administrative personnel are more effective.
Managers have access to more up-to-date information. Decision-making is easier.
Tomorrow’s automated office will clearly include Electronic Mail. But like the rest of the Office of the Future, it’s available at Honeywell today.”